Transportation Service For Our Students

LiT offers transportation service to all our students….

LIT offers transportation services to our Students who live in the Mission Bend area and areas slightly north and south of Westheimer Rd., west of the Sam Houston Beltway.  Our current coverage area extends south of Briar Forest Dr. and extends north of Bellaire Blvd.  Please inquire in our School office for more details and pricing information.

Class Schedule Information

Find out what our Class Schedule is…..

Our classes meet in the following scheduled manner Monday thru Thursday:



Registration Information

Are you a student from abroad interested in studying English with our School.

You can apply for Admission to LIT.


If applying as an F-1 student, you need to submit the following:

1. Application for Admission.pdf 

2. Photocopy of Passport (Identification Section).

3. A financial statement to verify that you can meet both tuition and living expenses
while attending LIT. The amount of at least $15,000.00 US is required for a 12
month period for a single person. For each dependent, add $3,000 per person.
Submit any one of the following:
 a. A notarized personal bank statement or letter from the bank in
English; or
b. A notarized letter of support and a bank letter from source of

4. Application Fee of $100.00
I-20 Processing Fee of $50.00 (add $20 per dependent)

5. SEVIS fee (Can be paid at: )

If you already have an F-1 visa and are planning to transfer to our school, we need the following documentsbefore we can process your application:

1.Application for Admission.pdf 

2. A completed copy of the Transfer Release Form.pdf  signed by the school you are currently attending.
(You can fill out the required fields, print the form, and submit to
your current school for them to complete and fax the form back
to us.)

3. Photocopy of your student visa, I-94, Passport, and I-20
4. A financial statement
5. Application Fee of $100.00 and the I-20 Processing Fee of $50.00 (add $20 per
dependent) .


If you have more questions about how to apply as an F-1 student, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section page.

You may mail, fax or e-mail this information to The Learning Institute of Texas in support of your application.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Our Spring Semester 2015 Tuition and Fee Schedule is availiable online here on our Site.


F-1 (International Students)
Admission Application Fee$100.00
I-20 Processing Fee$50.00
$2,250.00 ( 18 Weeks – 18 hours per week)
$2,995.00 ( 18 Weeks – 24 hours per week)
Compass/TOEFL Test Fee$30.00 (2)
Textbooks$150.00 (Estimated – Varies by Level)
Non F-1 (Local Students)
Registration Fee$20.00
Compass/TOEFL Test Fee$30.00
Textbooks$150.00 (Estimated – Varies by Level)
Late Registration Fee$50.00
Tuition Installment Fee$20.00
Placement Test Fee$25.00
I-20 Renewals/Reprints
(per applicant)
I-20 Renewals/Reprints
(per dependent)
Document Fee$10.00
Document Rush Charge$30.00